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Rooted Doula Services caters to the wombmans temple and self alignment. My passion as a doula is to not only support the wombman physically, mentally and emotionally but to address and release the trauma passed down from generations to seek a healthy and safe delivery. The I Surrender Package features the following:



  • Free 30 min Consultation
  • 3 Prenatal visits
    • Discuss parent desires and preparation for birth
  •  Daddy doula training
  • Informational / Emotional Advocacy
  • Assistance in creating Birth Plan/Birth Education Class
  • Crystal Alignment Ceremony for expecting mom and baby
  • Yoga Stretches + Birth Positions (w/ Rebozo Technique)
  • Meditation + Breathing Techniques
  • Continuous Physical / Labor Support in home, birth center or hospital during active labor



  • 2 Postpartum visit to assist with Initial Breastfeeding
  • Victory Bath Herbs for afterbirth
  • Womb Support / Perineal Herbs for healing
  • 1 Yoni Afterbirth Steam Session
  • 2 Months Post-Pregnancy Phone / Text / Email Support
  • Postpartum basket for Wombman

I Surrender Package

    • Crystal Alignment +$45
    • Womb "Closing the Bones" Afterbirth Ceremony +$125
    • Blessingway +$135
    • Yoni Steam Session +$45
    • Gua Sha Massage +$125
  • Due to the nature of our products ALL sales are FINAL. At this time, neither returns or exchanges are being accepted. Please read and understand our full return policy prior to placing an order with Rooted Doula Services. 

    Click to view the full Rooted Doula Services Return Policy

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