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Most folks call me Keiatta aka Mama Kei

Mother of 5 Regal beings

Labor, Birth and Postpartum Doula (NBDA)

Yoni Steam Master

Placenta Encapsulation Master

Specialize in Gua Sha Therapy

An Artist

Keiatta owner of Rooted Doula Services

meet keiatta


my purpose in this lifetime has always been to "move people"

Growing up, I wanted to express this purpose by changing people's lives through music but somehow the universe shifted me to cater to motherhood. Fell in love within a year of meeting my soulmate and from there we bloomed with five radiant children. Being a mother, especially an indigenous pregnant wombman, I began to pay attention to how I was treated differently in the hospitals and immediately wanted to "do something" about it. 

In 2018, after the birth of my son, I started doing research on how I could change the narrative in hospitals.  I wanted to show up for other wombman who had went through the same thing, if not worst than me. That is what lead me to becoming a doula.

In 2020, I enrolled at the National Black Doula Association, in a pandemic and finished while pregnant with my last child. With all my knowledge, evidence based information, rights over birth package, I was able to labor undisturbed, unmedicated and peaceful enough for me to give birth the way I wanted. I beat the system. I felt empowered. NO one was going to force me into anything my body and mind didn't see fit for my child.

Shape 5.png

i knew then "being a doula" was my calling

Here I am, over a year later, walking and living in my purpose.

Keiatta, owner, and family together in family portrait

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